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Professional Investor Report - January 2023
This one is rather regulation heavy. If that’s not your thing, I put the non-regulatory stuff first. TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) * In just the first 15 days of 2023, $450 million in bitcoin shorts were liquidated. * Futures volume is now above $30 billion daily, breaking a lull last
Professional Investor Report - December 2022
The fallout from the FTX collapse continues to affect the industry as major accounting firms who once serviced the industry distance themselves from any digital asset. Miners experienced troubles as operating costs overshadowed revenue from new coin. A new survey shows that institutional investors…
Professional Investor Report - November 2022
FTX, due to mismanagement, poor control structures, lacking risk management, and what appears to be fraud, unleashed a contagion that affected BlockFi, Genesis, Gemini, Galaxy Digital, Multicoin Capital, and many more. This lack of market confidence provided the catalyst to cut the bitcoin market c…
This is a short unscheduled report on what has transpired over the past two weeks. All information is accurate to the best of our knowledge as of publishing. The regular Professional Investor Report will be published in the first week of December. FTX, a top exchange and trading partner to
Professional Investor Report - October 2022
This month we got some good data from big firms like Fidelity and Bloomberg on investor sentiment and digital assets. We saw a massive amount of bitcoin move, and it cost nearly nothing. Investors are happy with recent SEC involvement. Accounting rule changes will make holding bitcoin as a treasu…
Fed Papers on DeFi and Financial Stability
The Fed released two papers, The Financial Stability Implications of Digital Assets, and, Decentralized Finance (DeFi): Transformative Potential & Associated Risks. Links here; former and ladder. Financial Stability Implications of Digital Assets is heavy on the interconnectedness with traditional…
Professional Investor Report - September 2022
This month bitcoin price action was range bound. Adoption is consistent and strong, with big names like Nasdaq now offering digital asset services. One state now accepts bitcoin for tax payments, expanding adoption past the private sector. Government agencies are paying closer attention to the im…
Bankruptcy, Risk, and Yield.
Over the past few months, Celsius, Voyager, Vauld, and BlockFi have faced issues ranging from declared bankruptcy to $80 million in losses [1]. These yield providers owe over $6.4 billion to creditors, primarily retail investors [2]. If you are one of the 100,000+ people owed money, I hope
Professional Investor Report - August 2022
We’ll start by addressing the elephant in the room; The current bitcoin drawdown has lasted 294 days. We are currently down 72% from the all-time high. 2014, 2018, and 2019 bear markets lasted on average 330 days. Peak drawdowns during those times hit 85%. That being said, price action does