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The Professional Investor Report is a simple, information-dense, bitcoin-focused newsletter published once a month and read by 2,000+ hedge fund managers, analysts, and individual investors.

Get insight into risks, trends, and metrics in bitcoin markets in one concise package.

Parts from previous reports:

What does the Pro Report include?

  • Review of government, industry, and other reports on digital assets
  • On-chain metrics & proprietary metrics
  • Investor surveys and trends
  • Risk identification and risk management
  • Options market insight
  • Trends in yield and credit products
  • Credit market insight (borrowing and lending rates + how it affects spot markets)

Who writes the Pro Report?

The team at DeMaddalena Capital writes the Pro Report.  We have lines of business in bitcoin credit markets (borrowing and lending), OTC and brokerage trading, and strategic advisory in credit and risk management.  This provides us with a unique insight into the complexities of the market.

We occasionally include parts of our "secret sauce" (our risk model) in the Pro Report.

The Pro Report was originally only for wealth managers and existing clients of DeMaddalena Capital.  We opened access to the report to expand the understanding of certain risk factors in the market and publically document our positions.