The Fund

The DeMaddalena Capital Bitcoin Fund provides investors with efficient and digitally secure exposure to bitcoin.  Our strategy and terms are tailored for a long time horizon.  With 20 years of combined experience, we are a go-to for investors looking to be early adopters of emerging technologies.


The Fund utilizes its bitcoin holdings for loans to low-risk institutional borrowers such as hedge funds, market makers, or prop trading desks.

These institutions borrow bitcoin to execute arbitrage strategies, leverage existing positions, or provide the underlying to the derivatives market.


The Fund has been structured to be a vehicle for efficient long-term Bitcoin exposure for portfolios of any size, small, large, or institutional.

In addition to our favorable terms, we know that investors will want to take custody of their portion of The Fund one day.  We waive Liquidation/Redemption Fees to help facilitate this.  We also provide white-glove service to assist investors in becoming self-sovereign Bitcoiners.

Risk Control

The Fund engages with insured and regulated institutions.  Some of our partner brokerages have some of the few issued New York State Department of Financial Services “BitLicense"

The Fund limits its exposure per borrower while achieving laddered term-length contracts between counterparties.

We select loan contracts based on a proprietary risk assessment model favoring security instead of yield.

In 2022, bankruptcies and liquidity issues in the broader crypto ecosystem plagued many institutions.  Our risk model defined said institutions as too-high-risk months prior, resulting in zero exposure.

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